Trademark Renewal Services

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  Filing of Trademark Renewal
Filing of Trademark Renewal
  In one class only
In one class only
  Govt fee Included
Govt fee Included
  Application of Restoration of Trademark ( In case Renewal Overdue) within Six months
Application of Restoration of Trademark ( In case Renewal Overdue) within Six months X
  Search and Advice from Experts
Search and Advice from Experts X
  Application of Restoration of Trademark ( In case Renewal Overdue) within One year
Application of Restoration of Trademark ( In case Renewal Overdue) within One year X
  Call with Trademark Expert
Call with Trademark Expert X
  Advice from Experts
Advice from Experts) X

Trademark Renewal Services

  • File the Trademark Renewal application for your Existing registered Trademark.
  • Get Experts Services to remind you for Timely Renewal.
  • Please download and fill the Authorization document along with your signature and Whatsapp on 8802516000.(Word Document for Download purpose)

Trademark Renewal is required every 10 years of the Registration of Trademark as the Registration of the Trademark is valid for 10 Years from the date of Registration. The date of application of the Trademark is considered to be the date of registration of the Trademark and thus the Trademark Renewal is filed before the completion of 10 years after the date of application of the Trademark.

Regular Status and Reminder system.

With Businessmitra feel free with the security of your Trademark and enjoy the use of your mark un-interrupted for years. The reminder system at Businessmitra helps you to apply for renewal of your Trademark before the stipulated time.

Periodic Status / Application check

Registered trademark owners are required to regularly check applications advertised in Trademark Journal for the similarity with their owned trademarks in lack of which others may take benefit of registration of a similar trademark and earn the profits of your goodwill.

At Businessmitra we keep regular status check of advertisements in the Trademark journals of the filed applications and take actions accordingly on right time which saves your Trademark and Goodwill to be used by others.

FAQs for Trademark Renewal

When a Trademark is registered after the application of Registration of Trademark the Registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application and application of renewal of Trademark is required to be filed before the expiry of 10 years from the date of application.
If Trademark Renewal is not filed within stipulated time the Trademark is removed from the Register of the Trademark and any other person may benefit from your Trademark and goodwill of your brand. You will also not be able to take available legal actions against Trademark infringement.
Trademark Renewal is required to maintain the validity of registered trademark for another 10 years and so on.

The user of a registered Trademark is required to file Trademark Renewal application for increasing the validity period of registration of his Trademark.

Yes, the registered Trademark is surely renewed after filing of renewal application with appropriate fee and within stipulated time.

To avoid Trademark Objection you should select unique name which is not similar or deceptively similar to any existing mark and should be distinctive in character. To avoid Trademark Rectification you should select correct class and correct goods and services belonging to correct class. A better way to file a trademark is in consultation with a Trademark Expertise like Businessmitra which will surely lead to the way of Trademark Registration Easily.