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Application for Cancellation of Registered Trademark is also called Rectification. Cancellation of Registered Trademark can be filed by any interested party in the registered mark. The application of cancellation of registered Trademark is filed in the form of a petition containing the grounds of such application along with legal and technical Backgrounds. If you find any Registered trademark similar to your Trademark which creates any confusion in public through slight change in spelling, font, design, background, etc. in any context then you can file cancellation of that Registered Trademark.
Any interested party or a person who finds or feels that his mark is being infringed in any manner by any one having a Registered Trademark or the registered trademark is causing “passing off” his goodwill, he may prefer filing of the Rectification application.
Cancellation of Registered Trademark is required to be filed if you have any objection to any Registered Trademark and to stop the other party from earning profits out of your hard-earned goodwill or Brand Image and Reputation.

FAQs for Trademark Cancellation

When a rectification application is filed to cancel a Registered Trademark is called Trademark Cancellation. Any person can file Cancellation of Registered Trademark If he feels that the Registered Trademark is similar to his mark.
There is no stipulated period or time for cancellation for Registered Trademark. It can be filed any time.
Any person having interest for removal of Registered Trademark can file Cancellation for Registered trademark.

No, It is not sure that after objection of trademark application is replied the trademark shall be registered. The foundation and ground is created before filing the trademark application which is the very basis of registration of the trademark.

To avoid Trademark Objection you should select unique name which is not similar or deceptively similar to any existing mark and should be distinctive in character. To avoid Trademark Rectification you should select correct class and correct goods and services belonging to correct class. A better way to file a trademark is in consultation with a Trademark Expertise like Businessmitra which will surely lead to the way of Trademark Registration Easily.


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