Proprietorship Firm Registration

Proprietorship Firm Registration

  • Minimum compliance and quick start.
  • Start a Proprietorship firm easily through Businessmitra from Rs. 3111.

Features and Benefits of Proprietorship Firm

  • Quick and easy start which requires only 4-7 days.
  • Single owner and no risk of dispute and business closure.
  • No risk of cheating by partners.
  • Proprietor is all in all of the Firm and fully liable to profits and losses of the Firm.
  • Minimum compliance as the proprietor has to file only GST returns and Income Tax Returns periodically.
  • Tax Audit of the proprietorship firm is required only when the turn-over of the Firm crosses a defined limit.

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Suitability of Proprietorship Firm

A proprietorship firm can operate almost all kinds of business viz. Manufacturing Business, Trading (Wholesale and Retail), Marketing, Import Export Business, Service provider business, Work Contract etc.

Applicable registrations and licenses viz. Trademark Registration, ISI Registration, PF and ESI Registration, FSSAI License, Import Export Code, MSME Registration Etc. can also be availed by Proprietorship firm.

Proprietorship Firm Registration

Registration of Proprietorship firms is not mandated by Law in India. An individual can easily start a Proprietorship Business by simply getting GST Registration and other required licenses. An Individual may also opt for trade license and MSME Registration for his Proprietorship Business.

The identity of Proprietorship firm and its proprietor is not individual and the PAN number of Proprietor is considered to be the PAN number of Proprietorship firm.

An Individual can open a Current Account in the name of his Proprietorship Firm by simply providing his GST Registration Certificate or Income Tax Return having the Trade Name of the Firm depending upon the norms of the Banks and RBI guidelines.

Documents Required

  1. PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Address Proof and Photograph of Proprietor.
  2. Address proof of the business premises.
  3. Cancelled Cheque.

Trademark Registration of Proprietorship Firm

A proprietor can also enjoy the registration of his Trademark / Brand to stop others from using the goodwill of his Trademark / Brand. Only requirement for the Trademark Registration is the distinctiveness of the Trademark.


Silver (Rs. 3111) Gold (Rs.5111) Diamond (Rs. 11111)
  • GST Registration
  • Income Tax Return filing with Trade name
  • GST Registration
  • Income Tax Return filing with Trade name
  • Udyog Adhaar Registration
  • GST Registration
  • Income Tax Return filing with Trade name
  • Udyog Adhaar Registration
  • Free GST Filing for 6 months

FAQs for Proprietorship Firm.

An Indian Citizen who is a resident of India can start a Proprietorship Firm.
Yes you can start a Proprietorship firm with written approval/ consent of the owner/director of the Organization where you are working.
A proprietor is the sole owner of the Proprietorship Firm and the ownership is non-transferable. You can be only the authorized signatory of the proprietorship firm if the proprietor appoints you as Authorized Signatory.
The cost of required registrations and licenses are the only cost involved apart from the capital which is invested in the business. There is no limitation on the minimum capital required to start Proprietorship Business.
Yes there are procedures available to convert your Proprietorship firm into Private Limited Company but Time-consuming.
Decide a Trade name by which you start your Firm and contact Businessmitra to get help. Professional of Businessmitra will get necessary registrations and licenses applicable to your business and will help you to decide the way of your business.
Proprietorship Firm Partnership Firm
Proprietorship firm is owned by a single Individual who is called Proprietor. Partnership Firm is owned by two or more individuals called Partners.
The Proprietor enjoys all the profits out of the Proprietorship Firm. In Partnership Firm the Profit is shared according to shares of the partners.
The Proprietor is solely liable towards all the losses arising out of the Proprietorship firm. The partners are jointly and severally liable towards all the losses arising out of the partnership Firm.
There is no interference of any other person in the decisions and management of Proprietorship firm. In partnership firm the decision and management is done with the consent of partners.
There is no chance of dispute and risk of closure of business due to disputes in Proprietorship firm. There are chances of dispute and risk of closure of business due to disputes of Partners in Partnership firm.
Proprietorship firm has less reliability as compared to Partnership firm having the single owner and single decision maker. Partnership Firm has more reliability as compared to Proprietorship firm having more than one owners and more than one decision makers.
The growth rate and efficiency of Proprietorship Firm is slower as compared to Partnership firm as a single person controls and manages all business operations. The growth rate and efficiency of Partnership Firm is faster as compared to Proprietorship firm as more than one person controls and manages different business operations.
The PAN of proprietor is the PAN of Proprietorship firm. A Partnership firm has its own PAN number.
No separate Registration procedure available for Proprietorship Firm in law besides GST, MSME and other Registrations. Separate Registration procedure is available for Partnership Firm in law besides GST, MSME and other Registrations.

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Businessmitra is honored by the team of experienced CAs, Advocates, CS and other financial and legal professionals each one spirited with client service and professional ethics with decades of practice and reputation.

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We follow the principle of Basic Necessity and suggest our clients only those compliances which are utmost required and mandated by law leading to minimum compliances and minimum cost.

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We educate our clients about the legal obligations of the business and compliances required to run a particular business in full extent. We help our clients to develop their knowledge about different business modules and related compliances and motivate our clients for timely adherence on the mandatory compliances.

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Our clients are our strength and thus we provide an environment for easy documentation and compliances avoiding complexities of business. Repeated Reminder system (RRS). We feel our client’s responsibility as our responsibility and thus we have put reminder system in place which is delivered by electronic as well as manual sources. And thus we keep our clients updated about the knowledge, information, timeline and limitation of compliances which helps you to avoid un-necessary burdens like fine, penalty etc. If you feel that you are very much engaged in your business and often forget to comply with the timelines, Businessmitra is the best place where you may substantially depend upon for all of your compliances.

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